European Prosthodontic Association

Sidney Barrett Travel Award

The European Prosthodontic Association (EPA) invites young, aspiring Prosthodontists of Europe to apply for this award, which offers the opportunity to travel to an EPA annual conference. The regulations governing the Prize are as follows:


The EPA was formed in 1977 with the objective of furthering knowledge and promoting the teaching and practice of Prosthodontics in Europe. From small beginnings, this Association has grown in strength so that there is now a membership of over 500 representing 34 different countries, 27 of which are in Europe. Each year the Association holds a Conference where members from all the different countries in Europe gather together to discuss matters of scientific interest, education and clinical skills in the science and practice of Prosthodontics.

The EPA originally decided that money should be made available to Prosthodontists from countries in the former Soviet Union in order to support and encourage their attendance at the Annual Conference. In 2000 the EPA Council decided that, in future, six European Countries would be selected annually by Council. The National Prosthodontic Body or Dental Association would then be invited to nominate one member to apply for the award. The Council Officers would then select two out of the six nominations to receive up to €500 Euros towards travel and accommodation for attending the conference.

Current Regulations

In 2003 the regulations were changed to encourage applications from all young graduates and final year undergraduates, with an interest in Prosthodontics, to encourage them to attend an EPA conference for the purpose of developing their interest, and possible future career, as specialist Prosthodontists.

This award has now run for several years and support has already been provided for Prosthodontists from Azerbaijan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

It would be desirable, (although not essential), for applicants to be members of the EPA and make either a short (10 minutes) oral presentation or a poster presentation at the conference.


Applications for the EPA Sidney Barratt Travel Award should be made as follows:

A letter (or email), stating why the candidate is applying for the award.

A brief Curriculum Vitae detailing the candidate's qualifications and experience in Prosthodontics.

A supporting letter from the Head of the Prosthodontic Department (or Head of the Institution) in which they have studied.

Applications should be received by the Honorary Secretary no later than April 30 for consideration for the following conference.

The Board of Trustees will consider all applications and decide if any application merits support. The decision of the Board of Trustees is final and not subject to appeal. More than one application can be made for this award, but any individual can only receive this award once. Further details about this award can be obtained from the Honorary Secretary:

Mutlu Özcan, Prof., Dr. med.dent., Ph.D

Honorary Secretary, EPA
University of Zurich
Head of Dental Materials Unit
Center for Dental and Oral Medicine
Clinic for Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics
and Dental Materials Science
Plattenstrasse 11
CH-8032, Zurich, Switzerland

Tel: +41-44-6345600
Mobile: +41-789486939
Fax: +41-44-6344305

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