European Prosthodontic Association

Previous Conferences

The Association holds an annual conference every year

The annual conference in 2019 was held in Amsterdam, Spain under the presidency of Dr Khee Hian Phoa.

2019 - 43rd Annual conference, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Dr Khee Hian Phoa

2018 - 42th Annual conference, Madrid, Spain

2017 - 41st Annual Conference, Bucharest, Romania

2016 - 40th Annual conference, Halle, Germany

2015 - 39th Annual conference, Prague, Czech Republic

2014 - 38th Annual Conference, Istanbul, Turkey

2013 - 37th Annual Conference, Turku, Finland

2012 - 36th Annual Conference, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

2011 - 35th Annual Conference, Berne, Switzerland

2010 - 34th Annual Conference, Prishtina, Kosovo

2009 - 33rd Annual Conference, Innsbruck, Austria

2008 - 32nd Annual Conference, Pecs, Hungary

2007 - 31st Annual Conference

Athens, Greece

2006 - 30th Annual Conference, London, United Kingdom

2005 - 29th Annual Conference, Poznan, Poland

Professor W Hedzelek

Conference Theme
A vision of modern prosthodontics

2004 - 28th Annual Conference, Izmir, Turkey

Professor A User

Conference Theme
Why, When, Which in daily prosthodontic application

2003 - 27th Annual Conference, Geneva, Switzerland

Professor U Belser

Conference Theme
The impact of prosthetic therapy on the quality of life

2002 - 26th Annual Conference, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Professor V Jerolimov

Conference Theme
Prosthodontics in the Third Millenium

EPA Conference 2020

Athens, Greece - September 17-19, 2020

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