European Prosthodontic Association

Previous Conferences

The Association holds an annual conference every year

2022 - 45th Annual conference, Siena, Italy


Prof. Marco Ferrari

2021 - 44th Annual conference, Athens, Greeces


Dr Phophi Kamposiora

2019 - 43rd Annual conference, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Dr Khee Hian Phoa

2018 - 42th Annual conference, Madrid, Spain

2017 - 41st Annual Conference, Bucharest, Romania

2016 - 40th Annual conference, Halle, Germany

2015 - 39th Annual conference, Prague, Czech Republic

2014 - 38th Annual Conference, Istanbul, Turkey

2013 - 37th Annual Conference, Turku, Finland

2012 - 36th Annual Conference, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

2011 - 35th Annual Conference, Berne, Switzerland

2010 - 34th Annual Conference, Prishtina, Kosovo

2009 - 33rd Annual Conference, Innsbruck, Austria

2008 - 32nd Annual Conference, Pecs, Hungary

2007 - 31st Annual Conference

Athens, Greece

2006 - 30th Annual Conference, London, United Kingdom

2005 - 29th Annual Conference, Poznan, Poland

Professor W Hedzelek

Conference Theme
A vision of modern prosthodontics

2004 - 28th Annual Conference, Izmir, Turkey

Professor A User

Conference Theme
Why, When, Which in daily prosthodontic application

2003 - 27th Annual Conference, Geneva, Switzerland

Professor U Belser

Conference Theme
The impact of prosthetic therapy on the quality of life

2002 - 26th Annual Conference, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Professor V Jerolimov

Conference Theme
Prosthodontics in the Third Millenium

EPA Conference 2024

Bialystok, Poland - September 19 - 21, 2024

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