European Prosthodontic Association

Conference Themes

Country Year Theme
United Kingdom 1977 The teaching of Prosthetic Dentistry in Europe.
The practice of Prosthetic Dentistry in Europe.
The Netherlands 1978 Resorption and preservation of the alveolar ridge.
Maxillo-facial prosthodontics.
Removable partial dentures and preventative measures.
Sweden 1979 Prosthetics and periodontology.
Prosthetics and stomatognathic physiology.
Poland 1980 Removable partial dentures and preservation of supporting structures.
Effect of prosthetic appliances on the stomatognathic system.
France 1981 Retention in Prosthodontics.
Experimental research in Prosthodontics.
Yugosliavia 1982 Clinical and experimental investigations of dental materials.
Jaw relations in Prosthodontics.
Germany 1983 Prosthetic management of the partially edentulous mouth.
Hungary 1984 Effects of fixed and removable partial dentures on the periodontium.
Maxillo-facial prosthetics.
Greece 1985 Up to date Prosthodontics.
T M J and occlusion.
Dental alloys.
United Kingdom 1986 Prosthodontics - new horizons.
Germany 1987 Prevention in Prosthetic Dentistry.
The interface between dental materials and the oral tissue.
Prosthetic Dentistry in the year 2000.
Norway 1988 Adverse effects of prosthodontic materials and methods.
Hygiene aspects of prosthodontic treatment.
Endodontically treated teeth in prosthodontics.
Alternative superstructures in oral implantology.
Functional aspects of oral rehabilitation.
Spain 1989 Mandibular function in prosthodontics.
Aesthetics in prosthodontics.
Prosthodontics in implantology.
Maxillo-facial restorations.
Adhesive and prosthodontic restorations.
The Netherlands 1990 Patient in focus.
Cure,care and high risk.
Switzerland 1991 Prosthetic rehabilitation of the aged.
Poland 1992 Before and after prosthodontic treatment.
Italy 1993 Prosthodontics. The state of the art.
Turkey 1994 Prosthodontics in human health.
United Kingdom 1995 Current Trends in Prosthodontics.
Germany 1996 Functional Aspects.
Denmark 1997 Prosthetic Treatment Planning.
Quality, ethics and economy.
Finland 1998 Novel biomaterials in prosthodontics and implantology and clinically relevant
aspects of occlusion.
Spain 1999 Comprehensive aesthetic Dentistry, Implant dentistry in the posterior segment and Prosthodontic treatment for geriatric patients.
The Netherlands 2000 Prosthodontics in the New Era
Czech Republic 2001 Interdisciplinary cooperation in Dentistry, Implants, New trends and materials in the next millenium
Croatia 2002 Prosthodontics in the Third Millenium
Switzerland 2003 The impact of prosthetic therapy on the quality of life
Turkey 2004 Why, When, Which in daily prosthodontic application
Poland 2005 Poland2005A vision of modern prosthodontics
United Kingdom 2006 What is Prosthodontics? Education, quality, choice and the future
Greece 2007 From metals to glass and polymers
Hungary 2008 Decision making in prosthodontic treatment planning
Austria 2009 New challenges in Prosthodontics
Kosovo 2010   Contemporary Prosthodontics, how far can we go?
Switzerland 2011    Prosthodontics: between Biology and Technology
Netherlands 2012    Be prepared for your patient
Finland 2013    Scandinavian and European treatment approaches
Turkey 2014    Conventional versus computerized prosthodontics
Czech Republic 2015    Implants hand in hand with conventional prosthodontics
Germany 2016    Howmuch technology for the elderly? / Current developments in prosthodontic teaching
Romania 2017    Current concepts and paradigm shifts in prosthodontics
Spain 2018    Digital natives in prosthodontics
The Netherlands 2019    Science and art in prosthetic dentistry
Greece 2021    Prosthodontics: A clear vision to the future
- -    European prosthodontics looks forward

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