European Prosthodontic Association

Fixed Prosthodontics

Fixed Prosthodontics is the branch of Prosthodontics that deals with restoration of teeth using crowns, bridges, onlays, inlays and veneers. All of the above mentioned restorations are made in the dental laboratory on an impression of the mouth made by the Prosthodontist.

The tooth/teeth are prepared by the Prosthodontist and an impression is made to capture this preparation which is then sent to the laboratory along with a detailed prescription.

The dental technician then fabricates the desired restoration as per the prescription. The finished product is then cemented in the mouth using various cements.


This is commonly referred as a ‘cap’ and covers part of or the complete tooth. Different materials can be used to make the crown depending on the requirements such as function/aesthetics, patient preference and the condition of the tooth.


This is a dental restoration used to replace a ‘gap’ due to missing tooth/teeth. The adjacent tooth/teeth are used to hang the bridge. Several designs and materials are used for bridge fabrication depending on the size of the gap, aesthetics and function.

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