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Applications for Speciality Recognition are suspended until January 2020 to allow for procedural updates. For more information feel free to contact the EPASC Hon Secretary, Dr Mario Bresciano

Procedure for applying for inclusion in the List of EPA recognized specialists in Prosthodontics.

N.B. All applications MUST be in English. Any supporting documentation must be accompanied by a certified English translation. The applicant must pay all expenses relating to the application.

The link below gives the background to the work that the EPA has done towards EPA specialty development:

EPA Specialisation Background

The link below explains how the EPA will recognize members who are already Specialists in Prosthodontics, or have had advanced prosthodontic training and wish to be recognized for their advanced skills. It also gives details of the other information required for the application form:

Recognition of Specialisation

It is suggested that the next document is read in conjunction with the application form to ensure all the information required is correctly entered:

Guidance on completing form

Having read and carefully considered all of the above information, if you want to apply for inclusion in the List of EPA recognized specialist in Prosthodontics, please complete the application form in English, send it along with a digital photograph of yourself to the EPA Prosthodontic Specialisation Committee Secretary (Prof Argirios Pissiotis).

Application form

The application fee can be paid by clicking on the payment button below - you will then be redirected to the PayPal secure payment website where you will be able to pay using a credit / debit / charge card. The application fee is 150 Euros and is non-refundable. For those who have to sit an exam can pay the examination fee using the PayPal link below. (N.B. If you do not have a PayPal account ignore the login box and click on the 'continue' link next to the credit card logos.)

Application fee - 150 Euros
Examination fee – 150 Euros

The link below provides the applicant a template to follow in order for the Specialist Committee to judge the candidates in a uniform way:

Case Presentation Template

Once applicants are recognized by the European Prosthodontic Association, their name will be entered onto the list of EPA recognized Specialist in Prosthodontics and their name will remain on the list, provided they continue to be members of the EPA and have a current authority to practice dentistry.

The link below gives details of successful applicants of the EPA recognition of specialization in Prosthodontics:

List of active EPA Specialists

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